Tono Puicercús, that’s me in the image next to this copy. I was born in the province of Huesca, Spain, in a small ancient village called Alquezar close to the Pyrenees Mountains in the year of 1970. Alquezar is a very picturesque and famous for attracting artist and painters from around the world each summer. I remember as a small boy watching these artists apply their talents to their media of choice and by 8 years old, I wanted to do the same thing and started painting. Little did the artist know they motivated me to develop and master my talent and were my inspiration since the beginning, a point of reference and masters in the art.

I studied Industrial Engineering, earning a PhD in Environmental Engineering and a MBA. At the same time I took classes on painting, although I consider myself a self-taught artist. Since 1996 I have resided in Logroño (La Rioja, Spain), with my lovely wife and two children.

Although I experiment in different medias and painting techniques, I prefer oil and acrylic painting on canvas, and watercolor on paper. I have participated in different collective and individual exhibits, and have been featured in many magazines.

My early stages in painting coincided with my first fore’s in fly fishing for trout in the Pyrenees. It didn’t take long for my passion in fly fishing for trout to evolve into the manic madness of pursuing salmonids, specifically Atlantic salmon and I have never looked back.

Currently my art is concentrated on Atlantic salmon, trout, traditional salmon flies, fly fishing scenes, and fishing maps. Being able to travel around the world in pursuit of Atlantic salmon has opened my eyes to colors and contours that shape me as an angler, artist and lover of nature.

I have been lucky enough to be commissioned by many famous anglers and fly fishing lodges around the world, and have several illustrations in fishing books.

As a consummate advocate and supporter of sustainable fishing practices and environmental policies, I have donated some of my works to conservation organizations as of means of generating funds to help support the wild places I love to fish and visit. One of my paintings was donated to NASF (North Atlantic Salmon Foundation) a worldwide organization whose objective is to protect the Atlantic salmon populations and the clean and cold waters they habitat.

My passion for wild salmon and the landscapes they reside, along with my personal interpretation through paint is reflected in my art – the eye of a fly fishermen. I feel that when an artist truly embraces his subject matter; what he captures with brush and paint only mirrors their true passion and soul.